Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Make A Moo or Two: Women

Here are my two for the theme of 'Women' on Make A Moo or Two. I could have made loads on this theme if I only had more time.

I have a few sources to mention for my images etc.....

First, the Gibson girl artist picture which I got from Peagreengirl, the dripping acrylic paint background on this Moo was from Enchantedgal. The lovely lady on the other Moo was from Heyjupiter21, I wish I knew where I got the French script from but I don't seem to have made a note of it and the floral background was from Vampirecolette. Thanks to you all for those fab bits and bobs.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Flourish Fever!

Well, I've been quite good and not made anything arty till today......aren't you proud of me??

I even got the car washed today and have some clean clothes to wear again - lol !!

I phoned one of my friends yesterday who has a virus and has been feeling a bit poorly. Poor thing, she now has a chest infection, throat infection, ear infection and conjunctivitis......she sounded dreadful and must be feeling ghastly.

So I made her this card today. I just can't stop using flourishes and this one is using my lovely Rhonna Farrer set. The little seal looks so sad and forlorn with those big pleading eyes and goes well with my chosen sentiment for this card.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Make A Moo or Two: 'Swirls and Flourishes' and Wednesday Stamper: 'Trees'

Another new challenge to try - well, what's a girl to do when it's Winter weather outside!!

Make A Moo - I've been admiring these for ages now so it was quite exciting to try my first one today....or should I say 'three'?

I found this quite tricky in that the dimensions are small and I'd chosen to cut around these three little figures....when you're eyesight is no longer what it was it's a real struggle to focus on such detail.

But hey, I did it and I'm pleased with the result of today's play-time.
This is also for this week's Wednesday Stamper theme of trees...there they are in the background! A great theme again for me as I LOVE trees.

The background is using part of a big stamp by Non Sequitur while the swirl stamp is from an American Art Stamp cube.

The printed pictures I've used of the beautiful cherubs/angels are paintings by William A. Bouguereau... an arist I discovered after seeing one of these images on Nancy Dooren's blog.

I really love his style of painting so many thanks to you, Nancy for introducing him to me!

Tomorrow I must, I must, I MUST not do any art or I'll never get anything else done around here.

If only our office had a door then I could close it to try and stop myself wandering in here and picking up a rubber stamp or surfing the Net but we don't have a door and I have a very limited amount of, let's be honest here....no willpower whatsoever.
If you catch me doing another challenge and posting it on here tomorrow, please someone tell me off!!!! lol

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Impressions of a Snowy April Day

I had a lovely crunchy walk in the snow this afternoon - there's about three inches of the white stuff settled on the ground here in Sussex.

It finally stopped snowing around 5.30pm but I have a feeling we're in for some more..........bring it on, I say!! Makes for some great pictures.


Flippin' Heck!

I woke late this morning after a late finish at work last night, peeked through the curtains and saw a world of white out there!

Yes, I know snow had been forecast but in our neck of the South Eastern woods we don't normally get it much.

How pretty it all looks but what a shock for the spring shoots that have come out, not to mention for the birds and their nests.

It's still falling as I type and the trees are getting heavy with the stuff.

Well, I had to get my camera out and take some shots as I want to show my husband what he's missed.....he won't be sorry - he's not a great fan of cold weather.

I'm going to get my thermals on in a minute and take a crunchy walk in it....still a kid at heart!! Maybe take some more photos as well.

Keep warm everyone and enjoy the beauty!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Orange and Black

This is a tag I just made for Theme Thursday's challenge this week. The brief was to use orange and black.

I love bold colours so this was right up my street. The image of the woman was a colour supplement illustration, the butterfly is from a collage sheet by Mataart. Distress inks, oil pastels and pigment inks make up the background.
I added black sequins and glitter glue to the wings of the butterfly.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gothic Arch

Looks like I'm on a roll now with the blog challenges - just made my first Gothic Arch - the theme this week is 'Asian'.

This is using some washi papers that John brought back from Japan for me. The Japanese calligraphy is stamped using Hero Arts 'Kanji Poem' rubber stamp and the images are from a Sunday supplement ad. I cut out ages ago, knowing it would be great for a project one day.

Thanks for looking!