Thursday, 10 April 2008

Flourish Fever!

Well, I've been quite good and not made anything arty till today......aren't you proud of me??

I even got the car washed today and have some clean clothes to wear again - lol !!

I phoned one of my friends yesterday who has a virus and has been feeling a bit poorly. Poor thing, she now has a chest infection, throat infection, ear infection and conjunctivitis......she sounded dreadful and must be feeling ghastly.

So I made her this card today. I just can't stop using flourishes and this one is using my lovely Rhonna Farrer set. The little seal looks so sad and forlorn with those big pleading eyes and goes well with my chosen sentiment for this card.


Anneke said...

very beautiful card with the flourish on it.
i love flourish aswell.

LazyKay said...

Lovely pic - great card. We have real ones (seals) near us each autumn and they do look soulful.


Barbara Hagerty said...

I love your card! Just enough of a touch of those beautiful Rhona Farrer swirlies! Flourishes are gorgeous! They belong everywhere...almost! I am an avid flourisher.

Your piece is fabulous!

aino said...

Oh, this is so cute.