Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Rubber!

I had a bit of a spending spree recently in my local craft store, Crafty Clare's, and these are the goodies I got.
Her shop is packed full of fabulous unmounted and wood-mounted stamps and all sorts of great stuff. If any of you live in the Sussex area, you should check her out!
The Little Clown Boy stamp in the middle there was a win on EBay USA from a brilliant seller called Diva Impressions. She also has an online shop selling UM stamps which I have linked to here on her name. I'm awaiting a delivery of some of these right this space.
As you can see from the packages, some of the other stamps are by Crafty Individuals and the others Elusive Images. I LOVE them all !!!
Click on the photo to get a better look at what I bought.
In the following posts you can see that I've already been playing with most of these images.


LazyKay said...

Good grief woman - is there anything left in the shop? Lovely selection, just HOW far away do you live?

Steph said...

I see a little shopping spree happened here - good for you. It's always so much fun buying new crafting things.

CraftyC said...

What a wonderful selection of stamps!! lol XX