Saturday, 24 May 2008

Stamp Club Star Book

I recently joined a monthly Stamp Club at Crafty Clares, my local craft store which I'm extremely lucky to live quite close to.

It's such a great group of talented ladies and we have a good laugh as well as creating lovely things.

At the last get-together we made Star Books - my very first attempt at one of these. Most of the evening was taken up measuring and cutting the pages to size. This suited me very well since that's not my strong point and I always find it easier to have someone there telling me what to do rather than try and follow written instructions - just the way my brain works....or doesn't! lol

So I decorated the pages at home, over the last week and so enjoyed making this that I can't wait to try another Star Book. I played it safe for the first one using vintage colours and distressing.

Above is the front cover and the first two pages. I tried to make it tell the story of a woman's life in an abstract way, starting with a young child in a garden and ending with a mature woman in a garden.

Click on each photo for more detail.


LazyKay said...

Oh Wow! I hope you're keeping this - it's beautiful. Love the feel and mood.


Eva said...

Your star book is wonderful!! Lot´s of lovely stamping!

Steph said...

Annette, you've done some beautiful work here. I'm jealous of the fun you are having in your Stamp Club!

Carole said...

I have yet to make a star book. There was a class offered last year at Art and Soul, but I wasn't able to attend. Haven't been brave enough to attempt it on my own yet. lol

You're lucky to have a stamp store so close by, and one that offers so much. The best stores have closed in my area over the past few years.