Monday, 23 March 2009

Weekend in Rye

Back in February it was my 56th birthday - scary!!
My husband treated me to a couple of nights in a lovely hotel (The George) in Rye, East Sussex where we had a really cozy little room, fine food in their restaurant and a central position from which to wander round the delightful old town of Rye.

This was a much-needed break for me and for John who had just come home on leave and it really was the perfect tonic.
Above are some photos I took while walking round town - wish I knew how to put photos anywhere else but at the top of each post but haven't found a way yet!!
Don't you think that little dog is so cute? Lucky that sash window didn't fall down!


IsaNorris said...

That's it, i'm homesick now !!
Lucky you, I love Rye!! soooo cute

Steph said...

You know I love these pictures. As I think I told you, I am using the one with the doggy as my background on my computer at work. Yes, the doggy might have had an unfortunate Marie Antoinette moment if the window had fallen! :-(