Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Big change - little car!

Back in October, getting away from artsy stuff for a minute, we had quite a big change in our household. We've always shared my husband's car but John decided the time had come for me to have my own to dent! He was getting fed up with my putting dents in his - this is not a joke...... we have a tiny garage and quite a big car and yes, I admit, I did scrape the wheel arches a few times.
So, anyway, I looked at a few little towny cars but from the start my heart was really set on the Fiat 500.

We'd only been looking a few weeks when we got one - 3 years old and slightly more sooped up than I expected to get, being a 1.4 engine instead of a 1.2.
'Fabio' I call him - the car, not my husband - and here he is with me on the South Downs on one of our first outings together. Cute, eh????..............and it fits in the garage a treat!


Lisa D. said...

Great car!

themessycraftroom said...

Hi Netti, love the new car. There is something for you on my blog. Hugs x ChrisB